Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Ahhh, That's Better.

Today I:

  • ran 5 miles
  • took a shower
  • finished and ordered the photobook
  • finished the applique portions of the quilt
  • basted the quilt
  • started quilting the quilt
  • made 4 dozen cinnamon rolls for various activities tomorrow

All that and I was nice to my kids. What a great day.

And how cool is this? My parents went to Seattle to spend Thanksgiving with my sister. They originally made the plans because my mom was going to run the Seattle Marathon. After she registered, she had to have knee surgery and wasn't able to run. They went to the expo the night before just to pick up the shirt that was included with the price of entry. While at the expo (the night before), my dad decided he would walk in my mom's place. No physical prep. No mental prep. He just went and did it and he finished in 6 1/2 hours! Not bad dad!!!

Ok, this next one's not for the faint of heart, but it's pretty funny. You have to understand that the bottom of my dad's feet are like a baby's bottom, and he treats them as such. The man is a disaster on the beach and he is very anal about how he puts his socks on, they have to be just right (think Mr. Pitt from Seinfeld).

Check out these blisters:


Three cheers for you, dad!!!


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

OUCH!!! Is right- holy cow, how did he stand that? I have a few family members who like to run in the Disney World Marathon, and I am more than happy to cheer them on.

Awesome Mom said...


Ballerina Girl said...

Good job Gabriela! Can't wait to see the quilt!
Tell Dad that I hope those feet heal quickly, but great job!
I have a great liquid he an use....let me know if you want the name!

Maine Mom said...

Those feet look so sore! That IS very cool of your dad to walk in the marathon.

And look at you having a great, productive day! Isn't it a great feeling when we have a productive day like that AND we have a good mom day as well? Way to go!

Janet said...

Oh, man that's rough, but a nice accomplishment for your dad!

Congrats on taking a shower! :)

Janice said...

Wow! Your dad rocks. BTW: I just sent you a Christmas card. I hope you get it before you leave.

utmommy said...

You were productive!

Your poor dad, that looks very painful.

Handiemom said...

Wow you got more done in one day than i do in a week.

Congrats to your dad. What an accomplishment!

JD said...

Oh ouch man that sucks