Monday, December 08, 2008

Cold Case

The fabric that I was going to use to bind the quilt for my sister's baby is officially GONE. I had bought a yard of two different fabrics because I wasn't sure which I liked better.

How do 2 yards of fabric disappear?

After searching every inch of this house (wasting hours of my time) I am assuming now that foul play was involved. I looked under every cushion, behind and under every piece of furniture, in every drawer, in every closet, in every rubbermaid container (and believe me, I have quite a few), EVERYWHERE.

This is another disadvantage of having a maid-when something goes missing, you can't help but wonder if they had something to do with it. My kids swear they didn't see it, touch it, move it and I think after watching me pull my hair out for two days straight they would have fessed up. If the guilt didn't move them, then the $5.00 cash reward would have (yes, sometimes I pay my kids to find things for me. It saves me a lot of time and is pretty cheap at this point in their lives). Guapo was out of town. So, the only other person that has been in the house was our maid.

I don't like to think that way, but I just can't imagine what could have happened to it. Maybe Pedro destroyed it with a marker while I was gone and she took care of the evidence? Or she "accidentally" threw it away? I don't know, but it's NOT here. I'll probably find it when we are moving out of here and then I'll feel bad for thinking it was her, but at this point I can't think of any other logical explanation (and to assuage my guilt, I will of course post about it).

When I asked her about it-after she did a quick token run through the house, she told me, "Well, maybe you took it somewhere and left it there."

Innocent suggestion? Maybe, but my suspicious mind felt like she was admitting it wasn't anywhere in the house. It's not like I'm in the habit of taking my fabric to the grocery store or to the school with me. But then I started to feel guilty about being suspicious and I actually walked to the quilt store and asked if I had left some fabric there (which I had gone to last week, albeit without the fabric). The lady looked at me like I was slightly crazy.

On the bright side, I went to a quilt store here in our neighborhood and found a very cute fabric to replace the missing fabric.

The quilt will be finished!


Calandria said...

I totally know what you mean about suspecting the maid. Just last night I remembered I bought a Mexican creche when we were there spring break. I kept it in a bag wrapped in newspaper because I didn't want anything to happen to it. Now I can't find it. After a long and fruitless search, I told J that the cleaning ladies must have thrown it out. Not that I blame them entirely--I often leave bags of trash around for them to throw out. I should do it myself. They probably thought that was just another bag of trash in the corner of my room.

J looked at me like I was crazy, and maybe I am. But the suspicion is there. I refuse to let myself think they stole it because they seem like they would never do that. I mean, if they were going to take something, it would probably be the cash my kids leave littered throughout their rooms.

Calandria said...

Oh--and I love your wallpaper! Except it makes me want to go buy wreaths.

So, does your maid sew? Is it possible she thought it was scrap? Did you ask her if she saw it?

Gabriela said...

Calandria-I updated the post to include her theory as to what happened to the fabric. And thanks for not making me feel like a bad person. :)

Awesome Mom said...

I would be suspicious too although I have had things vanish out of my house and we have no maid to blame it on. I lost a very cute baby toy and was so sure it would turn up when we moved but sadly it is still gone. Sigh.

Ballerina Girl said...

Sounds to me like the case is almost surely solved...
The good news is that you found other fabric and it will be finished...PLEASE try to show me before you leave...if not I may just have to wait like everyone else until you blog about it!
Anyways...good luck with the rest of it!

Janet said...

Yes, that is suspicious.
Although it could just be in that 'black hole' that all households have. ☺

Janet said...

And maybe if she was dumb enough to steal it she'll show up one day with a fancy new skirt she sewed with some familiar looking fabric on it. ☺

Maine Mom said...

I'm glad you found cute fabric to replace the other fabric that went missing. When do we get to see it???

Fabiola said...

Don´t feel guilty about this.
If something (which has been misplaced by me or my husband) is missing we ALWAYS suspect the maid.
Unfortunatly, we hear the most outrageous kind of histories from people whom have been robbed by their maids.


Marina said...

don't feel bad for thinking it was the maid it has happen to me so many times and it never has showed up "(

I love your knew look you have to tell us how you did it I am trying to set up my blog again after having prombles with my computor I think it has too much memory, marina