Monday, December 15, 2008

Why the Lack of Christmas Posts?

For the last two years, during the month of December, I have posted all about our daily Christmas activities.

"And this year?" you ask.

Sorry, not this year. The past two years I have activated "Plan December" to make our home feel "Christmasy" while living in places far from home where it sometime doesn't feel that "Christmasy" to me. We are south of the equator here in Brazil, so Christmas is during the summer, which is why there are decorations like this all around:

These basking Santas are all over the place, and so you can see just how big Big Bathing Santa is, here's a little perspective:

Cute? Creepy? I can't decide.

Well, this year we are going home (YAY!!!), so I don't feel quite so motivated to do so many activities.

And, besides that, I'm just tired. Three kids in school, all with different end of the year activities- I'm exhausted. Since December 1st I've had 3 different music programs, two bake sales, a field trip, a mom-given presentation on the US, a mom-led craft, not to mention the holiday parties, teacher and friend gifts, etc. etc. I don't know how many dozens of cookies I've sent to school.

I'm throwing the towel in tomorrow and sending in the last of my American candy for Margarita's and Juan Carlos's parties.

So, we've done some of the Christmas stuff like decorating, watching Christmas movies and reading Christmas books...I measured the kids for the growing tree (Pedro was the big winner, growing 4" in the last year; Julio was a close second with 3 1/2"; Margarita grew 2 1/2" and Juan Carlos grew 2"). But, no crafts or baking.

It's just not as fun to bake when it's summer out.

So, Christmas will officially start on Friday morning when we arrive in Colorado! We'll probably all freeze to death, but at least it will feel Christmasy.

In other news: Pedro is in LOVE with his big sister. It is so cute to watch him follow her around, and, it gives me a little break.

And if you're looking for a good book, I just finished this one:

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See. I the first paragraph to the last. Excellent!


k-squared's mom said...

The sun bathing santa is a little creepy for me, but to each his own. You still amaze me by baking all those cookies. I caved in from the beginning and gave store-bought ones. Maybe next year I'll be inspired.

Janice said...

Yes. I have hardly blogged this December. For some reason, it has just been too much this year.

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

I keep asking my son to find Christmas stuff in Brazil and he keeps telling me it doesn't exist. I have an ornament on my tree that looks somewhat similar to the sunbathing Santa- but not quite so creepy.

Have a wonderful flight and vacation back "home"

Ballerina Girl said...

well, you did some great Christmas stuff with the kids in will be Christmas for you all soon!
Kiss the kids for me and receive a big warm winter-y hug when you get home...
I will miss you but know that we will be together again when we all get back!
and hey, you took my Brasilian Santa! hahaha
I have ben meaning to post about that!
love you Gabs! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Maine Mom said...

Every Christmas season is different. I did think of your past Christmas posts before this season began. It almost motivated me to do the same thing this year with my kids, but it didn't happen...maybe next year. :-)

I'm excited you are going home for Christmas! Only a few more days of waiting...and packing :-)

Lynne said...

I love that book also! I read it a couple years ago in book club and it's one of my all time favorite book club books.

Janet said...

I wish I had been measuring our kids each Christmas. We do it so random. Maybe I'll start this year.
Have a great time and a Merry Christmas!

jules said...

Creepy! Have a super visit to the states. I wish we would be passing by so we could see you. Maybe summer.

No Cool Story said...

Sants is drinking coke, so I am going to give him a "cool".

Just Sunday I was thinking about Gab's Plan December. I have read your posts, just didn't comment (lo siento mucho).

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

Thanks for your help in looking- I appreciate it- seeing as how I am a complete stranger to you :) It was very thoughtful.

Fabiola said...

Dear Gabs,

Have a safe trip back home. Enjoy the winter, because even if it is raining it is way too warm for me in Rio.

Merry Christmas.


marina sepeda said...

Have a safe trip home and Merry Christmas. marina

lizzy-loo said...

have a great time in colorado. the santa is great!

Abby said...

Great, I'm looking for books to read on our many plane rides over the next two weeks (when really I should be writing thank you notes! I'm glad you're coming home--it doesn't feel like Christmas when it's hot.

See you soon!!

Jorgelina said...

Muy buenas las fotos de Santa en traje de baƱo.
Aqui en Argentina las navidades son bien calurosas.
Feliz navidad!!!
Un saludo.

Kari said...

Happy trip to Colorado! Don't know if you'll have snow, but we're getting enough for all of us! 6 to 12 inches in the next 2 days. The kids are in heaven!

I don't know how you find time to read...?? Kari