Saturday, January 24, 2009

Come Monday It Will Be Alright

If I hear the following phrases one more time, I might lose it:

"IT'S NOT FAIR" -Juan Carlos

"JUL-IO"-any and all of Julio's victims

School starts Monday. I love my kids, but I'll be very happy to drop them off after 6 weeks of vacation!

On a happier note, Pedro is calling pickles "tickles", so that's pretty cute.


No Cool Story said...

I am never first anywhere. Finally.

Yeah I know that feeling, love and relief ;)

Tickles in his hamburger?

Kari said...

6 Weeks!!!!!! Wow, summer vacation in the winter. Hang in there! :)

Maine Mom said...

6 weeks is a long break!

I'm glad Pedro is putting a smile on your face. :-)