Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just a Couple of Things

1. The new maid, in addition to organizing all of the drawers and closets today, made 4 loaves of homemade bread.

2. Yesterday we saw a sloth in a tree at the kids school. How cool is it to see a sloth at your school??? Of course I didn't have my camera, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

3. After examining Julio's library book about WWI with the boys, I mentioned how I hoped that none of my boys would ever have to fight in a war, to which Julio replied, "Don't worry Mom, I'm not going to join... (pause) ...but I do want to be on a paint-ball team."

4. Pedro now knows most of the colors and can count to 10 in English and Portuguese. Smart little cookie!

5. Only 2 of 3 scheduled service men made it to the apartment today. The one that was here to fix the hot water heater that sporadically turns itself off for 24 hours at a time told me that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the heater and left. GRRRRRRR. The telephone guy fixed the phone and the plumber never showed up...

6. My kids are not allowed to play the Wii during the week-not until Friday after school. It's really ticking off Julio.

7. I finally set up my new ipod. I got it for Christmas (35 days ago). The last one took me like 4 months to set up. I have yet to touch the new camera. Why am I weird like that???


Ballerina Girl said...

1. can I have a loaf :)
2. it is true...many people told me they saw the sloth...I didn't though
3. I so hope my children do not want to join and armed forces either, no offense meant to those that are in it. I respect them and even admire them somewhat but still, not for my kids
4. smartie for sure!
5. no washing machine for close to 2 weeks now :(
6. meanie hahaha, just kiding. I extremely admire you! but have you tried the WII Fit? it said i gained .3 of a pound and that I better come there more! hahaha
7. yea, ipods, cameras.....
love ya!

Kari said...

You have got to be kidding me, on the homemade bread...suddenly I am REALLY jealous! :)

Maine Mom said...

Your maid is a keeper!

#7...I am like that, too. Are we lazy or just content with the way things are, or both? :-) If you figure out why we are like this, let me know. :-)

lizzy-loo said...

wow! i want that maid. would she consider moving to china? i used to frequently see monkeys at the school but a sloth - that is cool.

Awesome Mom said...

You need to keep that maid! She sounds like she is a lot more interested in actually working than your other one.

No Cool Story said...

#3 made me :D

How cool to see a sloth! When I was little I was fascinated by them, I wanted to have one as a pet.