Monday, January 12, 2009

Vacation Update and Quilt

Wow. What a lame blogger I have been. It's just that this has been the best vacation we've had in a long time and I've just been enjoying relaxing and having fun.

We went to Utah for 10 days and finally got some snow.

We skied:

We tubed:

We played:

We spent 4 days in one house with 12 adults and 13 kids and no one fought (well, maybe there were a few kid brawls, but nothing out of the ordinary) and no one got sick. Amazing! Guapo headed back to Brazil a week ago and I stayed on at my in-laws for a few more days for some extra snow time and quality time with Guapo's folks.

I got to have a mini "bloggers-convention" with my friends Janice and Diane. We actually went to high school together, so I'm not sure it really counts as a blogger event, but they both blog, so I'm going to say that it does count seeing how I miss out on all other blogging events living in Brazil. Janice got take out from Cafe Rio and it was de-licious.

Thursday I made my first ever flight alone with the 4 kids. My mother-in-law came through security with me and played with the kids until it was time to board which helped immensely. And we got to curb-side check, and we only had 4 bags, and there was no line in security, and the flight was only an hour-so it was pretty easy. And pretty much not representational of the flight I am facing on Wednesday back to Brazil (no curb-side check-in, at least 8 bags, 12 1/2 hours of flight time, and for some reason I am almost always selected for the extra security check). Oh well.

My sister had her baby shower yesterday (which I might add was larger than my wedding), and I gave her the quilt I was frantically working on the first part of December. So now I can show you:

Here's a close up of one of the dresses:

I was pretty proud of myself because although I followed a pattern, I thought up and, with Margarita's help, designed the applique dresses. (creativeness is not one of my strengths)

We've got 2 1/2 days left which means it's time to finish up my shopping. You can bet I'll be hitting Target at least five times before Wednesday afternoon.


Mrs. S said...

Hi! I am new here, i found your blog through fabiola's! But I just wanted to say I am jealous of being in utah, I miss it! Snow tubing! So much fun! And Cafe Rio! My heart ACHES...we loved cafe rio hahaha

And that blanket is adorable! You did a great job!

Ballerina Girl said...

I'm there with you in spirit my friend! Have all the Target fun you can handle...gotta love all the Valentine's Day stuff ;)
Can't wait to see you here...we'll be waiting!

Maine Mom said...

Sounds like you are having a great vacation! I am glad.

The quilt you made is beautiful! Great job creating the dresses!

Have fun shopping and good luck Wednesday!

Awesome Mom said...

Cute! Can you make me a quilt for my baby? lol

Abby said...

SUCH a great quilt--the dresses are so cute. I'm jealous you're still on vacation! I wish we could have spent some more time in Utah with you guys. Are you sure you don't want to stop in D.C. before you head back to Brazil;)?

Janet said...

Steve and I are headed to Utah in a few weeks without kids for a long weekend. That's about all I can handle of the cold anymore!

Super cute quilt and super cute Christmas card!!

The Four Jepps said...

It sounds like you've had a wonderful vacation. I do envy you though--you're going back to warm weather!

k-squared's mom said...

The quilt looks amazing! I am guilty of not making a single quilt since you taught me. I am scared! But I hope to make one this year.

Good luck on your trip back to Brazil. All the travel hassle sort of justifies aal the shopping. You have to reward yourself with lots of nice stuff when you get home and open your suitcases!

Very nice vacation pictures. My son has been begging for us to take him somewhere where he can build a snowman. Enjoy the rest of your break and happy shopping!

lizzy-loo said...

it seems like you have had a really great holiday. the quilt is lovely - you should be proud. enjoy your target run and good luck on your flight home. you can do it super mom.

nikko said...

Beautiful job on the quilt!

Kari said...

Amazing quilt--absolutely adorable! Since I have zero motivation/inclination towards that talent, I will live it through you. Nice job!

P.S. You get Brave Woman of the Year on doing the airport thing alone with 4 kids! (Or Crazy...? Nah, let's say Brave! tee-hee! good luck!)

Sis Lewis said...

I am VERY IMPRESSED with the quilt you made for Andrea's baby, (isn't it?) Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I didn't get to teach your oldest son the last Sunday you were in Boulder due to him moving up to Sr. Primary. But I got to say hi to your daughter and give her a hug though. You have such cute smart children.

It was great to see the photo of 3 of my former Young Women together. I am so jealous you got to eat Cafe Rio food. I love that place and alway go there where in Utah. We do have a Costa Vida in Colorado but it is not a good.

It was great to see you as always. Hope the flight back to Brasil went well.

Sis Lewis