Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Guess It's Time to Shave My Legs

I haven't shaved my legs in 10 days. That's why I love cold weather so much. No one even knew; Guapo's been gone, I wore tights to church. It's been great.

But alas, my departure time draws near. I will be going from 30 degree weather to 100 degree weather.

It's been a great trip. If Guapo weren't in Brazil, I'd just travel between my parents' and my in-law's homes indefinitely. But, we miss him, so we'll return to the heat, the maid problems, and living without Target for another 5 months until the kids get out of school in June.

My stomach is churning thinking about the next 24 hours of my life. My sweet dad is traveling with us to Houston today. He'll get us as far as boarding the flight to Brazil which will help a lot-checking in, 2 trips through security, a 3-hour layover in Houston. But I'm still so nervous. I think I'll be giving myself a dose of Pedro's Benedryl.

I've got 9 bags stocked full of I couldn't even tell you what at this point. Christmas presents, comfort foods, and a bunch of other random stuff including:

Trash bags in Brazil are so expensive, and I really love the forceflex thing.

Ok, this might just be my imagination, but most Brazilian bar soaps have a sligtly odd scent to them. ???

I love the smell of Downy.

This is a must, thelocal liquid dishsoap is awful! The very few bubbles that it produces last for about 45 seconds.

Close to 20 new books for bookclub.

End of the year teachers' presents. This year purchased at V's secret, 75% off, for a grand total of $6.25 each! Not bad.

Well, the razor is calling. I have to face the music and get ready to leave.

Wish me luck.


Ballerina Girl said...

you are coming back to us :)
and hey...please tell me you take the trash bags out of the box? also...
wanna send the books through our mail system? I'll email you and send you the address. They get here in about 2-3 weeks...

Janice said...

OK, I sat next to you in my house with your unshaved legs. SICK! Just teasing.

Mrs. S said...

I am also guilty of unshaven legs here in the cold!!!

I am making a mental check list of all these things in the event that I end up moving to brazil!!! :)

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

My son hates the deoderant- and thanks to your info, I send him things packed in baggies. Not that he needs a ton of those, but they are nice to have and add cushioning to packages. Did you send stuff back with Guapo so you didn't have to take it all?

Abby said...

Good luck on the flight and with the transition back into reality! I don't feel sorry for you that you're going to 100 degree weather, though. Not at all.

And nice teacher gifts. Jeeze. I don't think I ever gave my teachers much of anything:)

Maine Mom said...

It is nice not having to shave as often during the winter months. :-)

It amazes me how much you buy during your vacations and take back "home" with you. I hope everything goes smoothly during your trip back.

lizzy-loo said...

isn't it funny the things we miss? good luck on the flight. i hope you enjoy your final months.

Awesome Mom said...

good luck!

Emily said...

Uh, yeah, Brasilian soap does smell just a little "off." You are not alone, don't worry.

No Cool Story said...

9 bags. How did you do that?