Monday, February 07, 2011

Help Me Out

Can someone please explain the show "Glee" to me? The premise, the fascination with, the hype surrounding, etc., etc.

We were out of American entertainment for so long, and to be honest, I am not interested in putting in the time or effort to catch up. Guapo flipped to the Golden Globes the other night and the only actors I recognized were those who were in movies when I was a kid. Kind of makes me feel like an old person who always says things like, "Oh, those were the days, honey".

I do know who Justin Bieber is-but that whole situtation just makes me wonder, "what in the WORLD?!?"

I should start figuring this stuff out so my kids aren't totally embarrassed of me, but I just don't really care, you know?

I suppose I could google Glee, but I'd rather have you explain it to me.

Thanks in advance.


Stephanie said...

Glee is about a high school Show Choir. You know the ones that sing and dance. Although I have watched a few episodes, I don't see why so many people like it SOOOOO much. They do musical numbers that are pretty good, but it a little to soap opra-ee for me. I hope this helps.

Gabriela said...

Thanks, Steph. So, you're telling me those "kids" are supposed to be in highschool?!?

Ballerina Girl said...

hahaha, I have no clue!


Abby said...

It's about a high school glee club--yes, most of them are supposed to be in high school (some are teachers). I have friends that LOVE the show, so I've tried to watch it, but I just don't get it what's so great about it (and I love musicals!).

Kari said...

I had a complete stranger in line at Barnes & Noble tell me I should absolutely get the cd's--that the music is original, fun, and really good. TK's chorus at school is doing one of their songs. I've only seen posters and obnoxious quotes of the gym teacher. (I don't get it either...)

Janet said...

Never seen it either. I heard it was kinda trashy. ??
Cute pics of your "baby" Pedro. I wonder if the baby craving ever goes away? I guess I'll find out since I'm only going to crave from now on...

Gordon said...

Well dear, I LOVE Glee all though I haven't liked this year as much. Several of the episodes I didn't care for at all and thought they were trashy as well. I was about to give up on it then along came some good ones.

Of course all my kids were in Excalibur, a great show/jazz choir at Fairview H.S. your alma matar. sp?) The song a boys school did was GREAT (Harmony, voices, etc.) but the basic idea "Let's Go All The Way Tonight" not good.!! However it was the most downloaded song EVER and I love to listen to it.

The school cheerleading teacher is a riot. Great lines and she has won best supporting actress twice.

But I just plan LOVE the music and dancing for the most part except some of the types of music and episodes.

Last year they had on the show two of the stars from Wicked. I had seen Wicked in NYC and the voices, duets, and songs on Glee were amazing. Gwenyth Paltrow was on Glee and I also liked those episodes.

I have saved several and you'll have to come over and see them sometime. All though I don't like to have my grandsons almost 16and 13 to watch some of the episodes.


Not nearly as uplifting as Stake Women's Conference with Sherri Dew, which was over the top.

Maine Mom said...

I have no clue, either and don't plan to get one. :-) Stick with "The Office".

Super Happy Girl said...

OK, here's my Glee experience: I didn't want to watch it for the longest time, then I watched this episode and was hooked, and loved it, and watched all the shows up to that one and I wanted to download every single song they ever covered and I loved Sue Sylvester oh how I love her...that is, until the Brittney Spears episode.
Now Gabs, I am not a prude at all, but wow what were they thinking? I don't want to see semi-dress "teens" singing and posing and pretty much doing re-shooting her videos.
After that there's no more Glee for me. I ban you Glee!