Friday, February 11, 2011

Junkyard Dog

Oh the joys of dog ownership.

(That's very un-PC, isn't it? I can't really "own" my dog, can I?)

Quakey has turned out to be quite the little scavenger. Kitty's a scavenger-but we expected as much-she was a little skeleton when we got her-she'd been living on the streets of Small Town and almost didn't make. So, I would expect that she would eat whatever she could find. And she does (bunnies, birds, voles).

Quakey, on the other hand, was a very expensive purebred who has never suffered even a pang of hunger in his short little life.

And yet, he loves, loves, loves the trash. Loves to dig through the trashcans and hoard the trash in his crate.

I finally made Guapo clean it out the other night and here's what we found:

1. A bag of potatoes he stole out of the pantry.
2. Julio's lunch thing-a-ma-jig (what do you call those?) that he scavenged out of his backpack. I guess he doesn't like blueberries. He does, however, like PB&J sandwiches.
3. The lid from those delicious little lemon cakes Costco sells-have you had those? Yum. He somehow wrangled it out of the lidded-recycled trash can.
4. Kitty litter remnants-he still has the disgusting habit of eating the cat pooh.
5. One of his chews-the only thing he's supposed to have in his crate.

Here are some of the potatoes I found throughout the house that day, thus inspiring the edict to clean out the crate:

I'm telling you-the dog is like the 5th child we don't have. The messes, the fighting and teasing(with Pedro), the cleaning up of the pooh (both his and the cats), the guilt when I leave him home alone. It's awesome.

Luckily he's fairly cute and is always happy (especially when he's got some fresh trash).

It's been a LONG week here.

Have a great weekend!


Ballerina Girl said...

Welcome to my world...hahahaha!
He is a cutie...just like Bella! Sometimes a real pain but then again, they are so cute, which is what gets them through this life!

Be really careful with raw potatoes. They can be dangerous for them. Did I tell you that we are making our own dog food for her? The stuff here is disgusting, and we are not allowed food in our shipments the need for homemade. She loves it luckily...

I hate leaving Bella when we go on vacation ere. It is certainly a change to stay in the garage when the watcher is not here from the beautiful fields she used to run in in the kennels in Rio!

Well...good luck. Miss you!
Love, BG

Fabiola said...

Ok, I respect all people who love animals, but I can't stand dogs or cats or birds or anything else.

Hubby loves dogs and every time we saw one, he wants to buy. My answer is: When you stop all your business trips, you can have another dog. (I'm not sure how long this will hold, but for now, I take my chances).

Kari said...

Oh, Man, Gabriela! Thanks for my laugh-out-loud moments for the day. It only confirms my theory, once again, that getting a dog IS like having another child...almost! My neighbor has some great stories, too...we love, love, love our NEIGHBORS' dogs! Tee-hee!

(If it makes you feel any better, you don't get NEARLY as many funny stories with caged animals.)

Brooke said...

Hi Gabriela. This is former blogger abcmomma. We're moving to Colorado this summer and I wanted to get your opinion about some areas. Will you e-mail me? abcmomma at gmail dot com

Super Happy Girl said...

Oh.My.Wow. :D :D :D
And look at that innocent "no sir, i didn't do nothing" face.

Ok, you win! My puppy has not stolen a whole bag of potatoes and various plastic containers.