Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Times I Most Want Another Baby...

... are when they are like this (Pedro this afternoon after a tough couple of days of preschool):

Look at that little face, what an absolute angel (again-when he's asleep-whole different ball game when he's conscious):

Of course, those two shots were hard to get because Juan Carlos was intentionally trying to ruin the picture running back in forth in front of me...

...thus bringing me back to reality.


Ballerina Girl said...

oooohhhh, my buddy is such a sweetie!
I miss you all!

ps-there are times recently when I have wanted another one too!

Maine Mom said...

Sweet! Children ARE little angels...when they are asleep. :-)

andalucy said...

Oh, I know! When I see photos of my children sleeping I start to wish I could have another.

He does look like an angel. Look at those sweet little lips!

Super Happy Girl said...

YES!!! I love that :)

Woo hoo, JC keeping it real.