Saturday, September 27, 2008

Further Proof that Brazilians are More Fun than Americans

So we had a Young Single Adult (read: a bunch of sober Mormons) activity here last night. The activity was karaoke on Guapo's "MagicSing" karaoke microphone. We took it to the States with us this summer and it saw some limited, reluctant use (except by my mom, who would fit in quite well with the Brazilians), but not a lot.

Brazilians + MagicSing = Good times.

Sober Brazilians are WAY MORE fun than Sober Americans. Not to mention that even the ones who don't speak hardly any English know lots of American songs. They liked ones well known songs that you would expect like all the Beatles songs, YMCA, La Bamba, etc. but then every once in a while they would all sing one together perfectly in one collective loud voice-like some song by Smokey Robinson that I'm pretty sure I've never heard before in my life. ???

Anyway here's just a little clip from the VERY FIRST guy who went. Nobody was even warmed up at this point:


By the end of the night there were back-up singers, dancers, back-up dancers, and people waving their open cell phones in the air like cigarette lighters. All in our little family room.

The whole thing was pretty amusing!


Janice said...

Dentist husband's family are crazy and every Thanksgiving, we go CRAZY with the kareoke machine. Wish we could have been there!

Calandria said...

That is SO funny! I can just picture it.

Janet said...


I have some serious blackmail karaoke video of just about every member of my family (including my brother singing Just A Gigolo), but I can't use it because someone, somewhere has video of me trying to be a Judd or Madonna or someone. :)

Maine Mom said...

You guys are so great to host these activities. Sounds like a lot of fun!

I'm glad you had a fun trip...even with all the cleaning of crayon and marker drawings, it was worth it right??? Pedro sure had fun while you were gone!

Marina said...

looks like a lot of fun!!!

I am glad you had a nice trip with your hubby and all was well with the kids,") marina

utmommy said...

Fun times!

nikko said...

So funny! How were you not laughing your head off the entire time? ;o)

Sketchy said...

That's awesome. How fun!

chunkymonky said...


ROFL!!! Thanks for sharing!

lizzy-loo said...

i wish i could see your video. the videos are blocked here. sounds like fun

Anonymous said...

Hey, if Guapo can be Louie Armstrong, I can be Janice Joplin. Would have given anything to have joined in with the Brazilians. They're my kind of people.