Monday, September 15, 2008

No Cold Sores...I'm Totally Relaxed...No Cold Sores

Tomorrow Guapo and I are headed to California. Guapo's brother is getting married on Friday and we are going. Sans children. He is marrying a super cool, smart, beautiful girl who actually blogs-so now I have someone in my family to share my blogging hopes and dreams with. If you get a chance, you can wish her well here.

Anyway, it is always crazy to leave the kids. We haven't both left for more than a night since our 10th anniversary a couple of years ago; I was in the depths of pregnancy despair-so I'm thinking this will be a whole lot more fun. The childcare team will include 6 adults-Vanessa our maid (as long as she doesn't show up with a note tomorrow), Vanessa's cousin (a preemptive strike on my part so no notes are needed during the 5 day trip), Sergio the driver, and three nice girls from chuch who are going to take turns spending the night here to help out with the bedtime and morning routines. It feels good to know it takes an entire staff to replace me!

We are going to Disneyland on Wednesday. What kind of parents are we to go without our kids who have never been???

Right about now, I am just trying not to freak out about leaving because if I have too much stress I will get a cold sore, and that wouldn't be too nice for the wedding photos.

...deep cleansing breath...

Amid all of maid issues, (that for the time being, seem to be better), and all of the preparation, there hasn't been a lot of time for blogging. So, here are a few things going on that I don't want to forget.

Julio (almost 8 years) update

He lost his first big front tooth last week. (the glasses are a poor Photoshop attempt to disguise Julio, we don't actually make him wear Harry Potter glasses).

He got a horrific hair cut two weeks ago. Poor kid knew it. He wore a hood to school the first few days. Think Roman-gladiator-helmet-haircut. After he shed the hood he came home and told me the kids were making fun of him. Sadly, I can't really say that I blame them...

Oh well, it will grow, right?

Juan Carlos (5 years) Update

Juan Carlos is fine. Ever my baby. He is learning to read and write which I can't believe. I am finding homemade books and lists of words around the house. So cute.

He loves his swimming class too, now that his teacher knows that he is never, ever going to put on his speedo.

Margarita (10 years) Update

She is currently the smarty-pants of her 5th grade class. Not to brag, but she brings home A+ work all.the.time. We are pretty proud of her hard work.

Stickers are all the rage amongst the 5th grade girls right now. She can't wait for me to get back with a new, cool, American stickers.

She is such a helper with Pedro-I am grateful for her everyday!

Pedro (18 months): The Semi-Functional-Human-Magic-Eight-Ball

Pedro has learned how to say, "Yeah". He says "yeah" to everything. Well, almost. If you ask him if he wants to go to bed he says, "no". But, to everything else he answers, "Yeah". So, the new thing is for the older kids to continually bombard him with senseless questions and hear him answer "yeah".

"Am I your best friend?" Yeah

"Are we going to the zoo on Saturday?" Yeah

"Are you going to marry La La* when you grow up?" Yeah

"Were you kidding before when you said Julio was your best friend?" Yeah

"Do you want to eat a dog?" Yeah

You get the idea. It can go on for hours. (I'm keeping it clean here, folks, for your benefit, lots of the questions have to do with poop.)

*He is into the telletubbies right now. I'm not for sticking my kids in front of the TV, but I will admit it's nice when I need 5 minutes without him destroying something. Vanessa, for religious reasons, does not approve of the Tubbies. Twice now she has swapped out the tubbies video for a more appropriate Veggie Tales video. Which he does not care for. We'll see who wins that battle over the next 5 days.

He is also trying to jump, but he's in that super cute phase where the rest of his body jumps, but his feet don't actually leave the ground; he just kind of lurches forward. I love it.

Oh, and puddles. It's been raining a lot here and he's discovered puddles. They can be very distracting when we are trying to walk. :)

A Moment of Sadness

When I put Pedro down for his nap tomorrow it will be the last time I nurse him. I have been slowly weaning him since we got back from our summer vacation and this trip is the perfect opportunity to finish the job. He's over 18 months now-I've never nursed a baby this long. It makes me really sad to quit, but if I don't do it now I'm afraid I'll end up like my very-Italian-grandma who nursed my Uncle Lee until he was 5. Yes, 5. Sure it was during the Great Depression, but does that make it right? I must not become that woman!

This very well may be the end of my nursing and little baby days.

Ok, I'm crying now.

...deep cleansing breath...deep cleansing breath...deep cleansing breath...

I love you kids!!! Be good!


Janice said...

I'm still nursing toothsome #4 and she is almost two. I just can't give it up. I hope I am not doing it when she is five.

Gabriela said...

Janice, you are not helping the cause here!!!


Abby said...

You're too nice:) Can't wait to see you!! And I love the updates on your kids--adorable.

lizzy-loo said...

no guilt. your kids are going to be fine. you are such a good mom and would not leave your kids in a situation that is not ok. go have fun. i nursed all my four #3 to 16 months and my husband said "don't you think it is time to quit." it was hard. i think it is hard to move on to the seperation phase. #4 weaned himself at nine months - it was heartbreaking for me. of course you know that once you stop you will probably have #5. ha, ha.

Ballerina Girl said...

Great post Gabs
and don't worry...NO cold sores because you also have Aunt BG waiting in the wings if any of them fail ;)
Have fun, raid Target for me and just get back here soon enough so we can do those nails!
I will miss you!
Love, BG

Janet said...

Okay, our kids are eerily very much alike....probably because they are basically the same ages...only Justin is not as agreeable as Pedro. I was going to post about him saying 'nah' all the time to the kids million questions, but now I'll have to think of something more original... :)
Have a great trip!

Maine Mom said...

Enjoy your trip! Your kids will do just fine...I love the fact that an entire staff has been put together to replace you. :-)

txmommy said...

have so much fun!
I want to go to Disneyland without my kids :)

No Cool Story said...

I hope you have a great time at the wedding and Disneyland.
I'd be super stressed out too Gabs. Isn't great to have great friends to help you out? YAY!
Oh, poor Julio :)

I really want to know why your maid doesn't like the teletubbies. It's quite interesting.

I stopped nursing Fashionista when she got teeth. That was the end for me.

Take care. Ride lots of fun rides and eat a big cookie for me!

k-squared's mon said...

Have fun at Disneyland! See, you are a supermom. It takes a VILLAGE to replace you for a few days. We miss your kids just reading about them. They will be fine and I am sure Margarita will hold the fort for you.

Weaning....such sweet sorrow....but nothing like a wedding and Disneyland to distract you. Lather up some Abreva now to prevent any sores from coming out! Drink EmergenC! I swear it works! Looking forward to your return blog!

Gabriela said...

k-squared's mom: my lip is latehered in Abreva! We miss you guys too.

NCS: remember the whole Jerry Farwell, tinky-winky thing? She's eveangelical baptist, so that's where it comes from. I'll be sure to eat a big cookie in your honor.

Janet: I secretly hope Margarita and Jackson end up together-wouldn't that be cool?

BG: thanks babe! Your phone number is up on the fridge. :)

Lizzy-loo: ha ha. NO. :)

Kari said...

Hi, Gabriela--

The BEST way to go to Disneyland is with only your husband, during the "off" season!! Ride everything, use the FastPass, and bring light layers. Lockers are near the front, a few dollars for in-and-out as many times as you want. Stuff your sweatshirts/rain jackets in there if you don't need them.

ENJOY!! :)

Marina said...

have fun on your trip and, you are just in tiem for all the hoildays at Target you will love it!! ")

Anonymous said...

Unless you are going to have another man child, then A. should follow in Uncle Lee's footsteps. Don't wean that child. Uncle Lee

Calandria said...

I had completely forgotten about the Falwell Tinky Winky thing! That's hilarious that your maid thinks it's a bad influence and tries to make him watch Veggie Tales as the morally sound alternative.

I always enjoy reading about your kids. I like the way you write. I think Margarita and Julio would be fast friends with two of my kids if they had the chance.

I hope you had fun in California!