Saturday, September 06, 2008

...To Be Fair

So we sat down with the maid today and had a little chat. Guapo participated which always helps a lot as he is a whole lot scarier to her than I am. It went well, better than I thought it would. I tend to avoid confrontation like the plague, so it was good to get some stuff, nicely, off my chest.

She seems like she understood what we were saying and like she wasn't trying to take advantage. According to her, her first three pregnancies were symptomless (something I personally can't relate to) and she wasn't working at the time, so this time has been harder for her.

The bottom line is that I have to hope for the best and make it work because the alternative is super expensive. And, I rather err on the side of being too nice than being a jerk.

So, basically I am writing this because I feel bad for my post yesterday. I made her sound like an awful person and she's really sweet in a lot of ways-most important being that she's great with my kids. I feel a lot better now and feel hopeful that she will not take us to the cleaners.

Time will tell. (May I not be a sucker twice!)

And I learned it is better to talk about than assume things and let them fester and ruin your week. I'm a really good festerer.

(Note to self: fester less, talk more!) Tchua!


nikko said...

I tend to avoid confrontation, too. Most of the time it's a great quality to have, but it's times like this that I wish I had a little more gumption.

Hopefully it will work out well.

lizzy-loo said...

so sorry to hear you are having maid trouble. don't feel guilty for having a vent day. everyone needs it sometimes. the maid situation can be tricky at times. I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in brasil as i miss it very much. have an agua de coco at the beach for me.

Ballerina Girl said...

We all have our days!
Maids can be such a mix of frustration and joy...
have a happy week!

Marina said...

I agree with BG maids can be a mix of joy and frustration then when you don't have them you really miss there helping out.
Have a nice day and I am glad you and your husband talk to her I hope you feel better soon. marina

Calandria said...

I'm glad you're feeling better and I hope your maid does not totally milk you. Good luck! Hey, maybe she'll name the baby after you. ;-)

Ballerina Girl said...

what do you mean monotone??
are you really not excited for my Steelers?
(please don't really answer that!)
hahaha, see you this week!

Kari said...

Oh, man, Gabriela--you win the prize for lame maid stories abroad! Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!

I read the last 2 blogs in a row, so I didn't respond to the complaining one. Those laws are BRUTAL. MUCH more binding than Mexico! Wow.

No Cool Story said...

You are so awesome, I am glad you got to have your say and know her side of the story.
Who knows, maybe she'll feel bad and not take you guys for a ride :)

Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want.

txmommy said...

that stinks! I hope it works out and the talking helps. But wow, that seems like a real bummer.

Maine Mom said...

I'm glad you feel better about this situation now. Hopefully Vanessa will start feeling better soon and she can continue to do her job.

My Full Hands said...

Oh, man! I hope this all works out and she doesn't turn out to be free loading. It's enough to make you want to leave the country early!

The Steinhours said...

I found your blog because I was googled easy FHE lessons. Your stories are too funny. Seriously I don't know who you are and I just spent almost 2 hours reading your blog. It's really good and entertaining and how I feel, but just am not good at writing it like you. Have fun on your adventures! You are a brave woman! I've lived in FL my entire life and only left to do a 2 year college stint in Rexburg. I can't imagine leaving the US of A with kids and then living in another culture (and not having Target 10 mins. away!) Sincerely, A sister in the gospel

utmommy said...

I'm so not a confrontational (sp?)person either.

I hope all works out.

Kristine said...

Whew...I was excited because there hadn't been any big "maid" issues for a while. I think this one takes the cake.
By the way, I just awarded you a Brilliante Blog award. I love to read your posts...keep it up!

Abby said...

I just noticed your "September Trip List," and for some reason it made me pretty excited. Maybe because it's outside verification that this whole thing is actually going down in a week--people are coming and everything! Ha. Hooray for the September trip:)