Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One of Those Weeks

Just a quick post to let you know I'm still here-I'm not abandoning my blog as I have in months past-it is just a crazy, crazy week. One of those where every minute of every day is scheduled and that allows for no wiggle room.. From now until Sunday after church I am booked solid-student teacher conferences, birthday dinner for my SIL, book club, pack meeting, long run, short runs, temple trip, piano lessons, sports practices, help in classrooms, visiting teaching, tumbling, playdates, taking lunch to a sick friend, doctor's appointment, basketball game.

Hopefully I'll make it to yoga with Tom tomorrow, I could use the laugh.

But, you'll be happy, and surprised I'm sure, to know that my orchid is surviving. Dare I say thriving (?!?) as a new bud has blossomed. It helps that the bishop's wife paid me a visit and showed me exactly how to care for it and gave me lots of encouragement.

So far, so good. (Thanks for asking, Maine Mom :) )

Have a good one!


nikko said...

Love your orchid! I had one once, and it was gorgeous for months, but then had some type of mite infestation and died a slow and horrible death. :o(

Ballerina Girl said...

please share the orchid knowledge!
sounds like a busy week...miss you.


Lynne said...

Weeks like that drive me crazy and it seems like I have more and more of them. At least your week will go by fast! At least mine does when it's filled up with things to do.

Fabiola said...

Nice orchid. I don't have a green thumb so I keep my choices on buying a bouquet of flowers once a week.

Tomorrow is my race. I am so excited. The goody bag is really nice since this is a women only event. I will try to take pictures to post ; )

Maine Mom said...

I hope you are surviving and enjoying your super busy week.

Your orchid looks awesome!