Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Two Guys and a Van (And Two Cats)

I feel guilty.

While I have been here buying shoes, hanging out in the mountains, having fun with my sister who was visiting from Seattle, learning about the importance of accessorizing from my fashionista SIL, going to the park with my mom and the kids, eating yummy snacks and foods, and drinking decent milk, poor Guapo and my dad have been moving us from Small Town Mexico to Big City Mexico.

My dad flew to Small City last Wednesday and just got home yesterday. He and Guapo drove my van, with the cats**, to Big City last Thursday. When I say Big City, I really should say "Huge City". I would have loved to have seen the two of them (and the cats) arriving in the outskirts of Big City and trying to make their way to the hotel. Somehow they made it.

They received our stuff from the moving company on Thusrday and unpacked E-VER-Y-THING. From what Guapo tells me there is not a single box left in the house. I can't believe that I am just going to go to my new "home" next month and have everything unpacked.

Thanks Guapo! Thanks Dad! I am a very lucky girl.

(Just so you know, I'm not always this spoiled. I have paid my debt to society in this category; when we moved from LA to Venezuela the Guapo's company made him leave 3 weeks early, leaving a very stressed out me with a 6 month old and a 3 year and a house to move. Not fun.)

**Although Ron and Kitty favor Guapo over other family members, he doesn't so much appreciate their company, so driving with them for 12 hours was a special sacrifice Guapo made.

One final note: I finally changed poor Moses' hat:

It's a little boring. I might have to look for a new hat.


Deannna - Younique Presenter said...

That will be so nice to go to an already unpacked home! The traffic in "huge city" really sucks. This is going to be culture shock for you to go from a small town to a ginormous one. When we switched from a small town to a big one I was soo excited to have shopping around and stuff to do! Good Luck!

Super Happy Girl said...

How cool is that? Give those men a medal!, and give Guapo a crown also, because he drove WITH the cats, you know...cats+dude=Ghey, make that crown a manly crown.

Moses looks so serious now. Perhaps he needs a tie, he then can be all business.
When do you go back to Chilangolandia?

Anonymous said...

Wow! What great guys!
Maybe we could bring Moses a Cowboy hat. I'll have to see what I can dig up before I hit the road.

Gabriela said...

NCS: we go to MC in about a month.

Jules: Yes, a cowboy hat would be so cool!

Blackeyedsue said...

Hey, I would rather be shoe-shopping than box-hauling ANY day! You definately received the better end of the deal.

I think that in honor of Pioneer Day in Utah, he needs a bonnet or a straw hat.

momofalltrades said...

You are SOOOOOOOO totally lucky to have that all taken care of! Those guys deserve the biggest hearty handshake and pat on the back EVAH!

Karla said...

What a great relief for you! Just tell them to leave enough room in the closet for a few new things:)

Grammy said...

OK Guapo (and Dad), You are now officially some of my favorite HEROS. Superman's got nothing on a man who will haul and unpack boxes!

Have a Great "rest of your vacaion" and relax plenty. You're going home to a whole new world.

Millie said...

That's really awesome... how relaxing a move will this be??

It's too bad Moses is a boy - that really curtails a lot of cute hat options.

utmommy said...

That would be so nice to move in to a house that is all ready! You are lucky!

Lana said...

How wonderful is that?! Last time we moved I was out of town at a previously planned vacation and DH did it with some friends from the ward. Not every box but a lot of stuff. Besides searching for stuff, and feeling guily for the next 3 years when the guys talked about "the hardest move ever" it was great!

Erickson Family said...

My husband moved us last summer since I was with my parents helping my mom in the last months of her life. I was really grateful to him because he packed up everything by himself and moved in across the state (no movers for teachers unfortunately). Husbands can be truly awesome.

Good luck in "Huge City". It truly is gigantic. Although the amazing thing is you go to the temple grounds and you feel like you are someplace else -- in "Small Spirtual Town".