Friday, June 23, 2006

Food Friday-Clam Pasta

This is my last Friday in Small Town. I've got a non-freezable recipe and then I'll probably be taking a little break from Freezer Food Friday for a while as I need to try out some new recipes and I'll be traveling for 6 weeks!

Week in Review

One Finished Project

I have found that after we move from a place my interest in doing anything with photos from that place wanes. So, I have filled 4 photo albums, all in chronological order thank you very much, with pictures from Small Town. I had to make prints of 587 pictures, most of which I had to INDIVIDUALLY convert the file type because of our lame photo editing program! Not cheap, or fun, but at least it is done.

photo albums

One Cultural Difference

Ok, here's the weird thing about Mexican newspapers. The front page almost always has on it either a very gruesome picture of a dead person, or a basically naked lady. Every morning, the street vendors selling them at the traffic lights come up and press the newspaper to the car window trying to entice the driver to buy.

When I say gruesome, I really mean it. Like decapitated bodies, huge knife gashes, and gunshot wounds to the head. Ewwww!

And when I say almost naked lady, I mean it. I am always trying to distract Julio from looking at it, "Hey, check out that fine looking pack of dogs over their, QUICK!"

(I was going to buy one and scan it, but I didn't want to offend anyone. You'll just have to take my word for it.)


One of my all-time favorite recipes came from my friend Jules. Jules has been one of my best friends ever since we met while we were both living in Washington D.C. 8 years ago. We lived in the same apartment building while her husband was in med school and Guapo was in business school. We had so much fun together! Staying up late, watching Pride and Prejudice while our husbands teased us, eating, playing canasta. And then we left and it was sad.

While we were living in Venezuela she and her husband and son came and stayed with us for 6 weeks while her husband did a rotation in a nearby hospital. What's the saying about fish and company going bad after 3 days? Doesn't apply to Jules and her family. Even though 4 adults and 3 children were living in a 3 bedroom apartment, we never got sick of each other. Amazing!

In March, when I was in Houston she drove 3 hours to come and see us. And this summer we are going to get to hang out for a few days in Colorado. We can't wait. She is such an awesome person, mom, and friend. (and I think she has secret desires of becoming a blogger. Come on Jules, what are you waiting for???)


This pasta recipe is the best! We have it often. Margarita usually has at least 3 servings. If there are leftovers (most often not in our house), they are fantastic.

Here it is:

Linguine with Clams
6 or 7 large cloves of garlic
1/2 c olive oil
1/2 bunch chopped parsley (leaves only)
2 cans clams (minced or chopped)
1/2 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes
3/4 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp pepper
2 tomatoes, chopped
1 lb. linguine

Finely chop garlic and put in small saucepan with olive oil. Simmer over very low heat until fragrant. Do not brown. Add parsley and cook 1 minute. Add juice from the 2 cans of clams, red pepper flakes, salt, and pepper. Bring to a boil. Add 1 chopped tomato. Return to boil; reduce heat and simmer 5-10 minutes or until slightly condensed. Add clams and second tomato. Return to boil and then remove from heat. Add to cooked, drained, and rinsed pasta and serve.


Check out Handiemom's and Utmommy's sites for other recipes!

***Naddin's posting a recipe today as well!


Nettie said...

I am amazed at how many friends you have all over and how you actually manage to visit them!

And the clam recipe sounds delicious, I do one the same, but no red pepper flakes or tomato. I'm looking forward to trying it with those additions!

Kristen said...

I'm truly impressed with your organizational skills.

The recipe sounds great!

Anonymous said...

Way to go on the photo albums!!! Good luck with the move! Aren't wonderful friends the greatest!

smart mama said...

don't you love favorite friends- i so hear you on the newspaper thing i have found pornography and gore area intregal part of most foreign papers- brings in readers

Super Happy Girl said...

BOFF, you are so organized!, aaah!, how do you do it? I can not top that.

Your comment on the newspapers (I hate them!) reminded me of the kind of pictures bus drivers display in their buses, it’s disgusting and no one says anything about it. Cultural differences :)

Awww, your friend Jules. Gabs, I knew you were a great person IRL, look at all the people who love you

This weekend I’m making more chicken marinade (everyone loves this), and will try the linguine this week, sounds easy enough, I doubt I can mess it up.

I’ll miss you. Have lots of fun; hope your move goes great, and you get to do tons of fun things.

Gabriela said...

BOFF: don't worry, Guapo has played the role of the enabler in my blogging addiction and I have a brand new laptop waiting for me at my mom's house. I'll be blogging (that is if I can figure out how to get the thing started), probably not quite as often, but I will be. Travelling alone with 3 kids always provides bloggable material.

this recipe is totally easy and I tell you, it is THE BEST.

Ok, just now got IRL!

Unknown said...

You are so organized. I feel like such a slob compared to you! :::eyes boxes of unorganized photos:::

What part of Caracas did you live in? I lived there for a while. Interesting city, no?

I'm going to try that recipe on my family and see how they like it. Thanks for sharing!

Gabriela said...

Pamela: Hi! We lived in Valle Arriba (2001-2004). Where did you live? Very interesting city. If I had been blogging then I never would have run out of things to say!

Millie said...

You're awesome. :) How do we join this Friday thing? Just by posting a recipe?

Brooke said...

Good luck with the moving and traveling. Your life sounds so fun and interesting.

My dad was one of the first LDS missionaries in Caracas in the 60s. He took my mom back for the opening of the temple in 2000 and they were able to do some work like hanging mirrors, etc. I guess that was just before you got there, but he loves that place.

utmommy said...

Good Luck on your move. Your recipe sounds great, I'll have to try it.

I've been visiting my sister and there are a total of 12 people here all the time. Her house is big which makes it nice, but we haven't gotten sick of each other yet. It's so nice that you have such a good friend.

Code Yellow Mom said...

The photo idea is fantastic...good for you!

Can't wait to try the linguine. Mmm, mmm, mmm.

we might be in Co at the same time...! The mountains are calling me.

Anonymous said...

I have tried your clam pasta and IT IS THE BEST!

Those albums are amazing. This can go as a Wed tip. Organizing photos before moving on (home, job, etc). I have too many pictures stuffed in boxes and cd's and that will be a project in the very near future.

Anonymous said...

Gabs- Thank you! That post was so sweet and really undeserved. I think the Linguine with Clams is the only thing that I've added to our friendship. The fact that we could come live with you for 6 weeks with ZERO problems is a credit to you. It was easy for us to move in to a luxury high-rise with a pool and full maid service. It was you that had to tolerate it.
For all you bloggers who have come to admire Gabriela, let me add one more reason to love her to your list. She will always have hero status with me. I spent the last 6 weeks of my first pregnancy on bedrest. Gabs lived upstairs and would come down and visit me everyday. If that wasn't enough, she cooked dinner for us every night. I am telling you, she is one fabulous lady.
Gabs, you truly are the best! I know we will always be friends.
Have a safe trip. We can't wait to see y'all.
Guapo-are you ready for Lucy & Ethel reunited?!

Gabriela said...

Naddin: let me know if you are going to post a recipe and I'll link to you.

ABC Momma: We weren't there when the temple opened, but we became friends with the couple who served as the first President and Matron of the temple. I think we may see them this summer!

Code Yellow Mom: I understand, the mountains are totally calling me too!

Gabriela said...

Jules: Thanks for your kind words. We can't wait to see you! (it may be time to buy P&P on DVD, the boys WILL LOVE IT!). And lets not forget canasta!

Millie said...

Hey, thanks for the link! I decided to do my foodie thing at the last minute (wanting to be cool like the cool kids). :) Have a good one.

Blackeyedsue said...

Goodbye small town! I am excited to hear about your adventures in big town!

Good job on the photo albums. I need to do that. Yeah right!

I guess sex and violence sell. Sad, sad, sad.

Jules sounds wonderful! So does her recipe!

Lei said...

Well, best of luck with the big change... hope your blogging continues without much interuption. :)

Super Happy Girl said...

I spent the last 6 weeks of my first pregnancy on bedrest. Gabs lived upstairs and would come down and visit me everyday. If that wasn't enough, she cooked dinner for us every night.. Can you rock anymore I wonder?

BOFF: a laptop? you'll be a mobile blogger queen. (DH has offered me his, but I have a hard time with the non-mouse pad thingy)

CYM had a post very apropos to the mountains calling you both…ahem….now with me everybody….the hills are alive with the sound of music…

Gabriela said...

NCS: I don't think it was actually EVERY NIGHT, and it was totally fun. I refered to her on more than one occasion as my "roommate" instead of my friend.

Thanks for the link!

Super Happy Girl said...

Stop being modest :-)

I'm dying. Tiempo Extra: 2-1

Grammy said...

Admit it! You and Jules are both wonderful! That's a great picture of the 2 of you, BTW. Have a wonderful trip - a Great move and enjoy being in the States.

Erickson Family said...
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Erickson Family said...

Great friends are hard to find, but it sounds like you've got a good one there.

Thanks for the recipe. I totally spaced on posting a recipe last Friday! I don't even have a good excuse. I will repent and post this week.

Good luck with your move! Have fun traveling.