Monday, June 12, 2006

Look What the Cats Dragged in and Other Odds and Ends

First things first. Look what we found when we got home from church yesterday:



We are totally used to geckos and small lizards, but this iguana really made me scream. Apparently the cats dragged the poor thing in. He was playing dead when we arrived with both cats sitting close by waiting for him to wake up and play.

Guapo to the rescue. It took him quite a while to get up the hutzpah to grab the little sucker. As I was standing there pestering him to remove it quicker, he told me, "You know how I hate being bitten by reptiles".


He was placed outside and was apparently in decent shape despite his rendezvous with Ron (yes, our cat is named Ron) and Kitty (post on cats still forthcoming).

On to soccer. The World Cup is taking place right now. No Cool Story has a great post on her blog about what it's like to be as a soccer fan living in the States during the World Cup. I am like her alter-ego, the non-soccer fan living in Latin America during the World Cup. I have to say though, the enthusiasm is contagious. In these parts, it's bigger than the Super Bowl and it lasts for weeks.

Anyway, yesterday Mexico played and beat Iran, 3-1. The game was tied up when it was time to head to church, so we figured no one would go, but attendance was pretty normal. The US plays today. (not sure against whom. I am getting into it, but I am not fanatical yet)

Thanks to all the well-wishers on our apartment hunting. We found a great 2 story, 3-bedroom apartment in a decent location. We had plenty of great options, all loaded with amenities; check out some of these places: (None of the following complexes are ours. Ours does have a pool, tennis courts, gym etc, but is lacking in waterslides and bridges. Therefore, this post is off limits to my kids so they don't suffer slide-envy!)




However, our place does offer massage services, for those times in life when big city living becomes overwhelming. :)

I was dying to take a picture of our nice realtor lady so I could blog about her. It was as if she had just stepped off the set of a Mexican novela: rhinestones studded sunglasses, cigarette dangling from her super-long-fake-fingernailed fingers, tight pants, pointy heals. She was hilarious! And she called everyone "hijo" or "hija" (son or daughter). She was too much.

¡Hasta Luego!


K-squared's Mom said...

What happened to your covert picture-taking skills? There's not too many "telenovela-looking" ladies in our part of the country=). The pictures look awesome. I am green with envy!

Your cats would make a great wrestling tag team.

txmommy said...

Wow! That apartment complex looks SO nice.

I can't believe Guapo doesn't like to be biten by reptiles! :)

Janice J. said...

The joys of living south of the border! So thrilled about your new living quarters.

itybtyfrog said...

It looks like that iguana just came in to do some research for his next sharing time! I am not a big soccer fan, but does get fun when everyone is so excited about it. Wow!!! Amazing apartments...I had no idea there were apartments with such luxuries...why am I living in a house?

No Cool Story said...

Too many things to comment on:
The iguana reminded me of the song: “I’m on a Mexican radio, I wish I was in Tijuana, eating barbequed iguana”. Are your cats American? They must be huge to be able to drag that thing in. Guapo is so brave.

Soccer: It was definitely an interesting morning, my kids think I’m crazy. I'm wacthing the USA-Czech Republic as I type, not good for our team :( 0:3

The apartments: wow! Those are so fancy!, who knew?, and all that blue sky (it almost makes me think it was photoshoped). I’m happy for you having a masseuse on site, how cool is that? I’d also have liked to see a picture of the novela realtor lady, she sounds fun.

Tu blog está padrísimo BOFF

My Full Hands said...

I'd have to agree with Guapo on the lizard. I owned an iguana as a teenager and it never bit me, but a wild scared to death iguana would make me pretty nervous too!

El Guapo (I hate my name) said...

For the record, my hesitation was due to my long history of reptile bites. I like catching things, but I still scream like a woman when a snake or lizard bites me. Iguanas lock on and don't let go when they are scared. It doesn't hurt that much, but I have not reached Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter) status yet - he's so stoic while being attacked.

Gina said...

That would have been awesome to see a picture of her for sure! You painted quite the photo though... hilarious!

EEK about the reptile in the house! I would have screamed too! My cats would probably be scared of a creature like that! Bugs only.

Lei said...

Whoa. I would die if I found that in my house! Eek!

I agree - those apt.'s are lap of luxury! Kinda reminds me of where we stayed in Hawaii.

Grammy said...

Massages at will? Now that's a perk. I'm just hoping that they are better than the hands of steel woman from Mexico. "If it doesn't hurt, it's not doing you any good."

After seeing the pictures of the apartment complexes that didn't make the cut, I can hardly wait to see what you chose.

You go Guapo! You are my hero!

utmommy said...

My brothers had huge monitor lizards when we were growing up. One day when I was in high school, I was taking a nap and woke up to one of those lizards right by my face. It took me by surprise, and I grabbed it and threw it across the room.

That apartment is beautiful. I wish we had a pool, but we'll get plenty of swimming while we're here in TEXAS!!

Bright One said...

WOW! I want to live next door to you!!! I totally could NOT believe you have cat(s) brave enough to face off with a pint sized lizard! Our cat will tackle a mouse but only if it's VERY slow!

smartmama said...

love the cat hostage-- smart son would've gone crazy with glee--

oh yah- take the massage service over waterslides--

Gabriela said...

itybtyfrog: ok, just got the sharing time thing! :)

NCS: we have Latin cats. Ron is Venezuelan and Kitty is Mexican.

utmommy: your story makes me shudder! Yikes.

Rachelle said...

What great pics! I love reading your adventures and seeing where you live!

Yo Mama said...

I'm so glad you take pics of everything. My main question was "how did Guapo catch it's head or tail"?? I know he played it cool for the pic but I'm know he was screaming inside. I could tell by the look in his eyes. I wished I could have seen the cats bringing it in. The best catch Mama Gray ever had was a small snake and she brought it into the kitchen.

Can't wait to see your new place.

jules said...

Lizard fighting cats, eh? Too bad we white elephanted Guapo's spiky fish friend (what was it's name?)-sounds like something Ron and Kitty would have liked.
Can't wait to hear more about your new place. Forget visiting in you in the states-Big City, Mexico or BUST!

jules said...

PS-I thought Hank the squirrel was the only creature that could make Guapo scream like a girl.

The Daring One said...

That is so CRAZY! Only Geckos here, thank goodness.

handiemom said...

Wow--that's a part of Mexico City that I never saw. Beautiful pool!

I'm with Guapo on hating reptile bites. Actually I hate ANY bites, although recently I've only been bitten by my 3 year old.

Why is it we Americans are fond of football and not soccer? Soccer is certainly cheaper, less dangerous and seems to have the best fans. I'd definitely rather have my son play soccer than football. !Gol, Gol, Gol!

Stephanie said...

I think that I am with Guapo...bites or no bites, I wouldn't TOUCH the thing!

Those apartments are AMAZING! After just weeding our garden, apartment living is looking rather comfy!

Beck said...

Wow. We don't have anything much in the way of lizard-y things here, but I'll join your husband in hating being bitten by iquanas. It's never happened, but I'll still hate it...
That apartment is amazing! Wow!

El Guapo (I hate my name) said...

Jules,How dare you give away Spike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I trusted him to your care, and you just give him away as a gag???????? This is far from over.

JLo said...

I have to address one statement in that blog.

"It took him quite a while to get up the hutzpah to grab the little sucker."

Since you live in Mexico, you are no longer allowed to say things like 'hutzpah'. Instead, you must speak as my people do and, instead, say:

"It took him quite a while to get the huevos to grab the little sucker."

Now that you are moving closer to the heart of my people's country, I feel it important to educate you in our phrases.