Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Julio Shares His Talents with Others

In our family, Guapo and I strive to teach our kids that everybody has special, God-given talents and gifts; that we should develop those talents and then share them with others.

I think we are really starting to get the message through to Julio (5 yrs old).

Remember a couple of weeks ago when Julio was working on his hair-cutting talent?

Well, even though the talent is not yet fully developed, he's decided to start sharing it with others. Starting with his brother Juan Carlos (3 yrs).

This is what we found (major *gasp* from me):

And the damage:

My baby's hair!!!! Whaaaaaaaaa.


This is where I have to express my gratitude for blogging. As I banished Julio to a time out while Guapo and I tried to come up with a suitable punishment, Juan Carlos came in and started gathering up his hair with his little hands and Guapo said to him, "Wait!" And then to me, "Are you going to blog about it?" Me: "Yeah, totally bloggable."

And thus, thanks to blogging, we can find good in even the darkest moments.


Tess said...

that's a change on the old "this is going to hurt me worse than it hurts you"... because you're going to post it online so all your bloggy friends can bust a gut laughing!!

El Guapo (I hate my name) said...

My bet is that Guapo's next targets are the cats. I've seen him eyeing their long hair lately.

El Guapo (I hate my name) said...

I meant Julio's next targets, not Guapo's. I'm really into myself today.

jules said...

Ohhh, JC's beautiful hair. What will you have to do with his hair now? I hope you'll have a scissor ban in the states. I don't want bald girls.

No Cool Story said...

Totally blog worthy!
Ah, yes, the silver lining of children's sharing their scissor-talents.
Poor Julio, well at least he had practiced before giving JC a trim :)

PS. Guapo's comment was great. Now we know the real culprit. Yeah, the cats are next and he’ll blame it on the kids. Watch him closely Gabriela

Code Yellow Mom said...

I have discovered lately that bloggability of certain situations really helps me keep my cool.

Glad I'm not the only one.

Sad, sad blond baby hair...

Don't forget to blog it if he does get the cats.

My Full Hands said...

It seems to happen with all kids sooner or later. I ended up having to cut my three year old daughters hair four inches after her sister gave her a "trim." Tears from all around.

Heather from One Woman's World said...

Yup, this is so true. :) Fun in our tragedy through sharing it with others.

Kristen said...

Oh, that really stinks!!! My kids have never taken the scissors to their hair....yet. what a bummer!

And I would have blogged about that, too!

utmommy said...

Don't you just love the haircutting stage. My girls had lots of experimenting with hair.

I'm glad you blogged about it too. It lets me know that there are other kids out there, that do the same things as mine.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

See!!! There is a REASON why No Cool and I look like complete geeks, going to RS and talking about blogs... It's such good therapy! Think of the trauma our kids WON'T go through, because we can show our whole blog community pictures like yours and go, CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS KID???

Stephanie said...

YAY for blogging. I think of it as free therapy. I want to know what you came up with for a punishment?

How does JC's hair look now?

Rachelle said...

LOL! Um, not funny at the time, but I love how you can write about it. At least he's developing his talents?!