Saturday, June 24, 2006

Last Small Town Saturday

Yes, it's our last Saturday here in Small Town. It was actually a lot more exciting than most Saturdays. Here are the highlights:

I'm sorry if you are all getting bored of monkeys, but I had to go say goodbye to Monica today. I am really going to miss her. When she saw me today she ran down out of her tree and climbed up my leg.

Gabs and Mon

We took our relationship to the next level: Grooming.

Monica grooming me

Here's a very pregnant mommy monkey who looks like she is about to pop (can't you feel her pain?):

Pregnant mommy

On the way home, I captured this shot:

family on moped

I always crack up about the Brittany Spears driving with her baby on her lap episode a few months back. We see so many horrible driving arrangements here. This is not nearly the worst we've seen, (last week I saw a family of 5 on a motorcycle), but it's always a little awkward to take a picture of someone from your car (especially while driving).

When we got home we watched the Mexico vs. Argentina soccer game. Mexico played well, but in the end lost in overtime. :( My kids are totally into it. Here's a shot from the beginning of the game (remember we are in a middle of a move, my house doesn't always look like that):


And last but not least, a special thanks to Special Agent Jack Bauer of "24" for keeping us un-bored on the weekends the last 16 months. We started season 1 last April and rationed 1-3 episodes per weekend and just finished up. I can't wait to see Jack save the world on his own, again, in season 5.


This has been one of the busiest Saturdays in Small Town history!


utmommy said...

Sounds like you guys had a good day.

I've always wanted to watch "24". I've heard it's great. Maybe we should try what you did and watch a couple episodes a week.

No Cool Story said...

Adios Monica, how cute, she's grooming you, awwww. I'd loved to have seen the baby monkeys :)

The moped family probably wondered why the gringos were taking pictures of them.

The niños have first row seats, way to go niños!!

Moving is always hard, you seem to have it down to a science, how do you move from one country to another?, that sounds really tough.
Anyway, espero te diviertas mucho en tus últimos dias en el Pueblito.
Mejor Amiga en Linea Para Siempre...

Stephanie said...

How fun to have such a personal relationship with a monkey. I have loved hearing about your life in small town.

I hope that your move goes well. It is not so much fun packing and unpacking.

Wasn't that off the chest goal incredible? We are still "ohhing and ahhing" over it.

Code Yellow Mom said...

I love Monkeys - I could never get bored with them. And that mommy one looks how I FEEL at about week 39...poor girl...

I am feeling nostalgic about Small Town...I think I'm gonna miss it, too.:)

But I can't WAIT for the best and worst of Big Town!

momofalltrades said...

Good luck with the move! I can't wait to hear about it, since, no doubt, that will be an adventure in and of itself!

Gabriela said...

utmommy: let me warn you, 24 is pretty intense and violent. I am not normally one for violence in movies or on TV but somehow it sucks you in and I end up day dreaming about being an undercover agent with a "full tactical package" (code for: lots of weapons in a suspicious looking suitcase) at my disposal.

BOFF: About the moving? I don't know, we just do it. It does help that I am like OC Organizer lately. The movers are going to get here and be like, "Esta gringa es loquisima."

Steph: yes, that last Argentina goal was pretty amazing.

smartmama said...

i like the monkey tribute new background

Yo Mama said...

I feel so sad that you have to leave Monica. She will miss you! Wish you could bring her home.

I have been OC cleaning too getting ready for all of you. I realize tonight that I sprained my ankle with the flip I took on the oil in the garage today. Back to the bike and sprain exercises. Fun!

handiemom said...

Love the picture of the pregnant monkey. I don't think I've ever seen a picture like that before.

"Horrible driving arrangments" Have you ridden in the "combis"? They are stripped-down VW buses that they use in Mexico City and Puebla as mini-buses. You get in and hold on because they drive crazy and fast. I used to think as I boarded them with my 2 year old daughter "If it is our day to die, it is our day to die because if we crash there is no way we will survive!" Crazy.

And I am a "24" fanatic. Have seen every season, every episode. Yes, they can be violent but definitely some of the best TV writing on screen. Jack Bauer is my hero!

Grammy said...

That is the CUTEST picture of you and Monica. I can hardly wait to see what things rate as bloggable in big city. Have a great vacation and a safe move!

Nutella said...

Oh the soccer games...your kids are so cute in their chairs! My husband and I have been watching at least one game per day (sometimes 3) for the last two weeks. Gotta love the World Cup! Argentina's goal has been voted best goal of the World Cup so far in our house :)

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Are you nuts? Your house doesn't always look like WHAT? Come over here sometime - you'll feel much better about yourself.

Are monkeys ever boring?

The Brittney Spears story makes me laugh too - she must be a relative. My sibs and I grew up steering the car on long trips while Dad slept and kept his foot on the gas. We were to wake him if we needed to change lanes, slow down or stop.

Needless to say, I won't be carrying on that tradition.

JD said...

He he what a great day!! I love monkeys!!

K-squared's Mom said...

With pictures like that, we will definitely visit Monica as I am sure she'll be so lonely when you move. I will also try to take pictures (emphasis on the try) of the new baby monkey.

Glass Half Full said...

Love the photos and post -- especially about "24". Is that the best show on TV or what?

Zoe said...

Oh, that is sooooo cute!!! I wish that I could hold a monkey . . . and be groomed by one!! :)

Nettie said...

Cute monkeys! I do feel so bad for that pregnant one. It makes you wonder if she even knows what is happening to her.

That motorcycle image is so scary to me! The motor accident mortality rate for children must be so much higher there!

Hope you have a smooth move!

Anonymous said...