Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I would love to post a normal post. But, it seems that Blogger doesn't like me or my photos. Neither does Flickr. And photobucket teases me by letting me upload them, but then I can't resize them to fit in my blog. Small Town's story must be told. Using pictures!!!

Someone help. Please.


Tess said...

I've been having trouble posting more than one picture at a time too, so how I resolved it is keeping one new post open and uploading the pictures and copying over the html to the real post. hey, that should be my wfmw tip of this week, as I have none other! :)

No Cool Story said...

"Small Town's story must be told"
*Clap Clap clap*
That's the spirit Gabriela!

I had troubles with blogg*r's pics, yet had none with photobucket, using img src="name" (in between <> , blogg*r won’t let me post the actual code ), but I wasn't trying to resize them.

Did that help? I hope so, 'cause we all need to know about Small Town's happenings and whatnots.
Buena suerte amiga :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I know nothing about the technical difficulties you are/were having but I can respond to your pseudo-mission statement in this blog. You go girl!! You tell your story, you chronical that town!! The people will love you for it.