Monday, October 27, 2008

...And Lowlights

(I couldn't talk about Julio's baptism and poop in the same post, it just didn't seem right)

...and then this morning the kid woke up with the dreaded stomach virus that Pedro and I had last week. Even before I had eaten breakfast, he went into the bathroom to throw up, and as he did, he suffered from the other common symptom of this particular stomach virus. On the floor. Poor kid. He apologized and explained he couldn't sit down and throw up at the same time. I told him that in the future, if it were at all possible, I would much prefer to clean up vomit off the floor.

On the bright side, I got a ton done putting off cleaning the bathroom including:

  • two loads of laundry

  • cleaning out the kitchen trashcans
  • disinfecting the kitchen trashcans

  • unloading the dishwasher

  • loading the dishwasher

  • cleaning out the fridge

  • sweeping the kitchen floor

  • organizing the DVDs

Finally, after about 2 hours, I got up the nerve to enter the bathroom and got the job done.

I guess you've got to enjoy the good moments, and laugh at the bad ones, eh?


Awesome Mom said...

The fun of being a mom. You could keep a barf bucket next to the toilet.

Janice said...

Toothsome #4 just recently started throwing up. I hope this is short lived because I have way too much to do this week to deal with stomach viruses.

Janet said...

Poor kid. There's nothing worse than the stomach flu. We're overdue for it so I am a little psycho with the hand sanitizer these days.

Janet said...

And I meant to say congrats to Julio before I clicked. :)
That's pretty cool to be baptized in Brazil, even if the water was cold and brown. :)

Melessa said...

We have similar problems here right now. We've discovered it's best to sit on toilet with the trashcan on the lap. When we can manage it in time.

(This may be my first reply, I'm not sure. But I've lurked here forever.)

lizzy-loo said...

not fun! where is that maid when you really need her. hope everyone recovers quickly. including the mopper.

No Cool Story said...

I am so glad this didn't happen the previous day, that would have totally ruined the moment.

I am also glad this wasn't caused by the brown water, eww.

Maine Mom said...

I would have avoided the bathroom, too! I'm glad, too that the sickness didn't hit him on his baptism day.

Kari said...

Oh man, can I relate to putting off cleaning up yuk! I wear gloves and use a whole roll of paper towels, and a bucket that I then toss...not great for the environment, but wow...anything to keep those gag reflexes in control.

txmommy said...

Hhhmmm? I might prefer the vomit in the toilet. Yuck!!!