Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Margarita's Beef with Brazilian Halloween

Here's Margarita dressed up for her school's Halloween party last Saturday (the 25th):

She doesn't look happy does she? I mean, I know she's a female vampire and all, but Bella was happy for the most part, right?

It's because she's been annoyed for much of the Halloween season this year because the students of her American international school (who are 90% Brazilian) don't know how to talk about Halloween correctly.

If I am understanding her right, they use the word "Halloween" much as we Americans would use the word "Prom".

Here are a few examples she gave me (when they say "Halloween", they are referring to the school's Halloween party),

"Are you going to Halloween this year?"

"Did you have fun at Halloween last year?"

"Halloween's on Saturday" (the 25th, not the 31st)

"See you at Halloween!"

Apparently they don't care that Halloween for us is a day, and that day is always October 31st. Halloween for them is whenever the school Halloween party is, and lasts just several hours.

She even made me go and see the signs that have been taunting her:

So, she's tried to explain to her friends the difference between "Halloween" and "Halloween Party" and they give her the ol' "that's what I said" or "what's the dif?"

(I have no gripe with how Brazilians celebrate Halloween-I don't know how to talk about their holidays, so why would they understand something so very American? And the party? It was one of the best family Halloween parties we've ever been to! I've just been amused watching Margarita getting so worked up defending Halloween)

Happy Halloween! (except that I'm afraid that you all missed it. Maybe next year!)


Calandria said...

Oh my gosh, we've got to get Margarita and Lidia together. I can see that bugging the living daylights out of Lidia and ruining the whole thing for her. :-)

Abby said...

Haha I totally feel her pain; that's the type of thing that would drive me NUTS!

For example, it's Nordstrom, not Nordstroms; Anyway, not anyways, and people need to get striaght "there," "they're," and "their." Okay, my tirade is over:)

Abby said...

...And I misspelled 'straight,' but that's beside the point;)

Fabiola said...

Poor Margarita, I can imagine how frustrated she is. That is one of the troubles of living overseas. Outside Brazil, nobody gets all the "frenesi" of Carnaval....


Ballerina Girl said...

Don't worry..
BG, The Witch from the Northeast will show them on the REAL Halloween...Friday the 31st!
I have Little Shop before our other come prepared to see me ;)


No Cool Story said...

I hear you Margarita ;) It does sound weird.

BTW, she looks so grown up!

Janice said...

This is hilarious!

Maine Mom said...

We went to Halloween on the 25th, so I guess we don't have to go trick or treating tomorrow night. :-)

Poor Margarita. I hope she had some fun at Halloween.

txmommy said...

those crazy Brazilians (see I do know how to spell it :) )

Well, she looks cute and the party was fun so that's good right?

k-squared's mom said...

I have to agree. Margarita looks very grown-up. I am still furiously working on my daughter's costume on your sewing machine.

Congratulations to Julio on his baptism. Reminds me of M's in small town Mexico. I still remember your peach cobbler!

Kari said...

(I would love for Halloween here to be one party then it's poop me, while people here go overboard, putting up gallows in their front yards and gross dummies being that sick? I just don't get all the gore.) Awesome that you get to come to the USA for Christmas!